Vaporub Shower Cubes

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This year has been wicked for colds and flus, lasting longer than normal, and coming back more often. Personally, I find my congestion worst in the morning, and having a shower in the morning is a great way to break it up. So, if you add one of these cubes to the shower, full of menthol and eucalyptus, they can help loosen up the phlegm and mucous.

The Vapo-Rub products are great, but they’re oil based, and tend to leave oil stains on clothes and bedding, so this is a good way to use it without getting the oil on you.

Cornstarch and vaporub

Cornstarch and vaporub


  • 1 50g¬†container vapo-rub (you can buy the name brand, the all-natural, or eucalyptus-free for those with allergies)
  • 1 cup corn starch
  • 3-5 tablespoons water
  • food colouring – optional

Step 1: Mix The Vapo Rub and Cornstarch

The rub is pretty thick, and should be gently mixed into the corn starch. It’s like cutting butter into flour, so will take some gentle cutting with a fork. This will start to smell strongly really fast!

Step 2: Add the water

Add the water 2 tablespoons at a time, and gently mix until the mixture forms a thick paste and isn’t crumbly or powdery. You can add a drop or two of food colouring if you want, and mix it in.

2016-02-07 23.23.41Step 3: Press into Mold

Press the mixture into a mold – you can use an ice cube tray (make sure to REALLY clean it thoroughly!), or a soap mold, or really anything that will hold the mixture. Using a rubber spatula, press it HARD into the mold, and throw it in the freezer for an hour.

Step 4: Make Cubes

Finished cubes

Finished cubes

Very gently release the mixture from the mold. If using small molds, you can use them as is, otherwise, take a sharp knife and cut them into 1″ x 1″ cubes. Don’t press the knife into the mixture or it could fall apart. Just drag the blade through it. They may break apart, so just be very gentle with them.


To use the cubes, just put one in the bottom of a shower with you, close to the drain. As the cornstarch breaks down, it will release the vapo rub. Keep in mind, the rub is oily, so make sure you don’t step in it, and it stays close to the drain (oil be slippery, yo!).

    • Laleh Clark
    • November 17, 2018

    Very cool, Vapor rub is a staple for my family, I put it on my hands when I get arthritis pain with the cut ribbed part of a sock over it and wear it overnight. Thanks!

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