Make a Windowsill Vegetable Garden – Part 1

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For those who live in a condo or apartment, or don’t have access to a yard, there are still a ton of ways to grow your own produce. If you have a window that gets a decent amount of sun, You can plant all kinds of food. I’m starting with microgreens and herbs, but you can grow just about anything small-ish without a huge root system. Things like:



For my microgreens, I’m planning to plant a new crop every 30 days so I have a constant supply for the summer.

Step 1: Get Planters & Dirt

Find planters designed for the indoors and that will fit on your ledge. Outdoor planters usually have holes at the bottom and will leak water if you fill them too much. Self-watering planters or those with plugs in the bottom are great! Pick up some potting soil, and whatever seeds you want, and fill the planters to within 1″/3cm of the top of the planter.

Step 2: Plant the Seeds

Following the directions on the package, plant the seeds at the appropriate depth and cover them with dirt. What I’ve done is called broadcast sowing, which is to spread the seeds out rather than planting in rows. You can spread them pretty closely together, and thin out the smaller plants when they grow.

Step 3: Water and Wait

When growing seedlings, they must remain wet at all times, and stay somewhere warm. If placing on a windowsill, make sure they don’t get frosty overnight. Until the seeds germinate, keeping them warm is more important than giving them sun, as they won’t need sun until they grow leaves. In a week or two, you should start to see the first plants poking through, and stay tuned for part 2!

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