Homemade Butter in a Mason Jar

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This is a great, easy project, and one you can have kids help out with. Especially if you have high-energy kids you want to keep busy for a while, this one will do it. All you need are two items:

You can use any kind of cream, but the higher the fat content, the more butter you’ll get, so I used whipping cream. If you want more bIMG_5784utter, you can make several batches, but don’t fill the jar more than half full, because you need lots of room for it to move around.

Step 1: Pour Cream into Jar

Pour the whole container of cream into your mason jar, and seal the lid very tightly. Check to make sure you have a perfect seal, and no leaks whatsoever.

Step 2: Shake

Vigorously shake the jar for about 20 minutes (this is where you hand it off to the kids). The cream will go through several stages:

  • Curds and Whey - now you're done!

    Fat and milk – now you’re done!

    First stage: whipped cream. The cream will thicken into a normal, thick whipped cream. Keep shaking!

  • Second stage: solidification. The cream will thicken further until a semi-solid lump that pulls away from the sides of the container. Keep shaking.
  • Third stage: Butter fat and milk. The cream will separate into small particles of yellowish solids, and a thin, semi-clear liquid. Now you’re done.

Step 3: Rinse 

IMG_5789Pour off the thin liquid. People call this buttermilk, but don’t confuse it with the cultured buttermilk in a lot of recipes, it’s not the same thing. This stuff is “traditional buttermilk” and is used in some Indian dishes, but it’s an excellent tomato fetilizer, as tomatoes like a lot of calcium. Pour the butter fat into a fine mesh strainer, or a strainer lined with cheesecloth. Gently rinse the fats with cold water. If you want to add salt, about a tsp of sea salt can be added at this time, but it’s fine without.

IMG_5791Step 4: Press

If you’re using cheesecloth, you can gently squeeze the cloth to get the liquids out, and form the butter into a firm ball. Otherwise you can use a spatula or wooden spoon to press the solids together and squeeze out any moisture.

If you want to get super fancy, there are butter presses and molds to shape into cool shapes, or you can just put it into a butter dish and eat its buttery deliciousness.

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