DIY Toilet Cleaning Bombs

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If you’re looking for a great toilet cleaner without all the harsh chemicals, try making these awesome tabs for your toilet. They’re similar to bath bombs, so you just drop one in the toilet and give it a good scrub. You can make them in minutes, and they’re biodegradable, and eco friendly!


Step 1: Mix the dry ingredients

Mix the baking soda and citric acid together, making sure to remove any clumps so you have a smooth consistency

Step 2: Add the Soap

Fair warning, 1 tbsp is not going to feel like enough soap, and you’re going to think you need more, but don’t add more, or you will start the bath bomb reaction, and get huge fizzy bombs instead of dry clumps. Mix the soap in the dry ingredients until you have a thick, dryish paste.

Step 3: Put into Molds

You can use an icecube tray (make sure you wash it VERY thoroughly afterwards, or you’ll have soapy ice cubes), or you can grab a silicone mold for tiny soaps and use that. Press the mixture down very firmly, and pack it in tightly so you don’t have any loose powder, and let dry overnight. The tabs should be totally dry and firm. Gently remove them from the trays, and store them in a bag or dish in your bathroom.

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