Black Currant Jam – The Easiest Jam Ever

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If you’ve ever made jam, you’ll know that in order to make it set, you have to use pectin. However, some fruits contain a lot of natural pectin, so you don’t need to add anything at all. So the recipe is dead simple. You ready for this?


Equal parts sugar and black currants

The end.

IMG_5793Step 1: Prepare the Fruit

Clean and thoroughly de-stem the berries. This takes A HUNDRED YEARS to do if they’re not already de-stemmed (ok, so it took about an hour for 8 cups, which is still a lot). Just make sure you get everything, as you don’t want to spread bits of twig on your bread.

Step 2: Boil the Jars

Put the jars and lids in a pot of boiling water, and boil them for 10 minutes to make sure they’re totally sterile.

IMG_5795Step 3: Cook the Fruit and Sugar

Put the fruit and sugar in a pot, making sure you have LOTS of extra room in the pot. LFMF and don’t overfill the pot and spill jam on your stovetop and burn it… because that would be bad. You want to bring the mixture to a boil, and the currants will pop and it will turn from sugary paste to a smooth jam. Stirring constantly, boil at a hard boil for at least a minute, then remove from the heat.

IMG_5799Step 4: Put in Jars

Remove the jars from the boiling water and carefully ladle the jam into them, leaving 1cm / 1/4″ headspace. If you get some on the rim of the jar, wipe it off with a very clean cloth. Put the lids on and screw on the caps. Leave to cool, and make sure they pop sealed.

If after they cool completely, you have some without the lids popped in, remove the lid and make sure the rim is cool, then gently put the lids on and boil the jars for 10 minutes, that should do it.

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