Birdseed Wreaths

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Part 5 of DIY Christmas, are these gorgeous, and super easy wreaths made out of birdseed. They also make a great gift, because not only do they attract birds, but they get eaten away and so you don’t have yet another Christmas decoration tchotchke that you have to pack away for the rest of the year.

This recipe will make one large-ish wreath, but you can easily double (or in my case, quadruple) it to make more.


  • 1 package plain gelatin
  • 3 tbsp corn syrup
  • 1/2 cup warm water
  • 3/4 cup flour
  • 4 cups birdseed
Mmmm, gooey

Mmmm, gooey

Step 1: Make the goo

Mix the gelatin with the warm water, and add the corn syrup. Add the flour, and whisk into a smooth paste. The flour will want to clump, so you’ll really need some elbow grease to smooth it all out.

Step 2: Add Birdseed

You can make this from pretty much any kind of birdseed, but I like a mixed seed, because you get a better variety of birds. Gently fold in the seed until it’s all covered in goo, then mix to ensure everything is evenly coated. If you mix too hard at the beginning, you will have an awkward birdseed explosion on your floor…. just sayin’

Step 3: Press into molds

2015-12-15 20.16.16A Bundt Pan is ideal for this, as it already has the hole in the middle. A silicone Bundt pan is even better, because it comes out more easily. In any case, spray some non-stick spray into the pan of choice, and fill with the mixture. Use a spatula to press the mixture down so it’s very compressed.

I also used cake pans and bowls with a mason jar in the middle, and muffin tins with a pill bottle in the middle, because I wanted different sizes of wreaths.

Step 4: Wait

Let the molds sit overnight. The water will evaporate, and the gelatin will firm up. You’ll know it’s done when the seed is totally dry. Very gently ease the wreath out of the pan. If it’s not compressed enough, or gets handled too roughly, it can break, but the birds will love it anyway, so you can leave it outside for them.

Step 5: Hang up2015-12-17 10.19

You can really go to town decorating these guys with ribbon, or pine boughs, or whatever, and they look great. However, if you live somewhere wet and rainy, make sure you’re hanging them out of the rain, because they will disintegrate if they get super wet. However, if you live somewhere that stays consistently well below freezing, you can hang them in trees, on your fence, wherever, and the birds will love them!

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