5 Minute Meals – Coke Can Chicken

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I’ve spoken to SO many people who spend hundreds or thousands of dollars a month in eating out, mostly because they think they can’t cook, or that cooking is incredibly difficult and complex. And since homesteading is all about being self-sufficient, I’m starting a new series of posts, called 5 Minute Meals. That is, meals you can prepare in 2016-04-23 18.27.165 minutes or less (obviously the actual cooking time will be more than 5 minutes, but it should take you 5 minutes or less to prepare).

My first 5 Minute Meal is a favourite called Coke Can Chicken.


  • One whole chicken
  • 1/4 cup brown sugar
  • 1.5 tablespoons mixed spice blend (pick your favourite)
  • 1 can of cola

2016-04-23 18.30.16Step 1: Mix the spices

Mix the brown sugar and spice blend together, and make sure to mix them evenly. Rub the mix all over the chicken, making sure to pat it into the skin so it sticks. Use up all the mix, and get in all the crevasses.

Step 2: Stand Up the chicken

2016-04-23 18.31.55Drink about half the can of cola, and put the can upright in a baking dish. Put the chicken on top of the can so that the can is all way up the chicken’s butt… yes, you read that correctly. Using the legs and can as a tripod, make sure the chicken is balanced and can stand upright in the dish.

Step 3: Bake

2016-04-23 19.44.21Place the pan on the bottom tray of the oven (you may have to move a rack down to the bottom for it to fit). Bake the chicken at 350°F for 90 minutes.

If you’re unsure if the chicken is cooked all the way through, put a meat thermometer between the leg and the body, and it should read 185°F.


That’s it. This should serve at least 4 people, or 2 people with leftovers. It’s a delicious meal, and ridiculously easy.

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