Book Recommendation: Lunch Boxes and Snacks

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If you have anyone in your family heading back to school or work, you may be getting tired of the same lunch options, the same sandwich/fruit/juice/cracker package. After enough ramen to kill a horse, I was getting unenthused about making lunches at all, and starting paying a ton of money buying lunches everyday. Then I found this book:

Lunch Boxes and Snacks by Annabel Karmel

This book is written primarily with families with kids in mind, but the recipes are amazing for adults too. It includes a guide on how to make a balanced, healthy lunch, and recipes for sandwiches, savoury mains, salads, soups, sweets, and baking.

The instructions are simple, the ingredients are almost always things you’ll have in a kitchen, and the recipes are DELICIOUS!

Want to make simple, healthy granola bars in a few minutes that aren’t filled with sugar and preservatives? You need to try the Power-Packed Oat Bar recipe.

Some other favourites are the cauliflower cheese soup, Chinese noodle salad, chicken tortillas, Thai-style chicken soup, and the finger-picking chicken balls.

The best part is a lot of the recipes allow you to make a larger portion, and they keep well in the fridge, especially the soups, granola bars and salads.

There are also lots of vegetarian options that are delicious and simple. How about this Confetti Couscous Salad? Or other options like Hidden-Vegetable Tomato Sauce (great for picky eaters), or Spanish Omelet with Potatoes, Zucchini and Tomato.

And unlike a lot of cookbooks, you’ll find yourself trying new things over and over, because each recipe I’ve tried is a winner. You’ll start to look forward to lunch every day, stop spending on eating out, and encourage healthier eating in yourself and your family. Give Lunch Boxes and Snacks a try!

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