Eco Friendly Lunch Boxes for Kids and Adults

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With so many kids and adults getting ready to go back to school and work, it’s a great time to think about reducing waste, and making eco friendly lunches. So many companies are making great (and SUPER CUTE) reusable lunch boxes that are green, waste free, and very chic! Here are some of my favourites:


41hJGtiLl8L1.Bentgo Stackable Lunch Box

Comes with multiple compartments, utensils, is BPA-free, dishwasher/microwave safe, and comes in lots of different colours. Only drawback is the lids aren’t watertight, so you can’t transport liquids or soups.

2. Eco Lunchbox Three in One61SCOJsEP6L._SL1024_

This one I use personally, and it is virtually indestructible. Cannot be eaten by food-stealing puppies, can be dropped from huge heights, and cleans beautifully. It has two compartments for food, and a smaller container for dressings/sauces. Drawback for this one is you can’t microwave metal, so you will need to pack cold food, or have dishes available when you heat it. You can also boil the lunchbox to clean it if you happen to leave food in it long enough that it develops its own civilization.

71hEONTtyiL._SL1500_3. Smart Planet Silicone Collapsible Lunchbox

Great option if you’re space conscious, this one folds down to a thin plate when empty. Includes utensils and a condiment container, and is dishwasher/microwave safe. Just be careful about the plastic lid – it can warp in high heat, and won’t seal properly. Silicone is a great food carrier, as it’s neutral and doesn’t impart any flavour to foods, and can be boiled clean with no problems.

4. Blum Stacked Lunchbox71m57fjA3-L._SL1404_

This one is very stylish. 3 compartments for different foods, with leak-proof lids so you can take soups. Microwave and dishwasher safe, and they make neoprene bags in lots of different colours to carry them in. It’s also fairly small, so easy to carry in a smaller child’s backpack, or in a purse/bag on public transit.

5. Bento Heaven Bento Box71ohH5qiE+L._SL1500_

Seriously, why weren’t lunchboxes this awesome when I was a kid?! This one is also leak proof, with multiple compartments, including cutlery AND chopsticks. The lids even have vents for when you heat up the food, and they come in lots of colours, and are stackable, and very small. And the cutest thing? They come with little notes you can include to your kids/loved ones to take with their lunch. It’s a small touch, but really nice.

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