Fertilize your Tomatoes with Eggshells

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If you have a compost bin in your home, you’re probably already composting used eggshells, but if you go through a lot of eggs, you’ll notice they can pile up faster than the worms can eat them. So, what can you do with all these leftover eggshells? Make tomatoes!

“Wait, that doesn’t make sense…”

Sorry for blurry, potato quality.

Sorry for blurry, potato quality.

OK, so you’re not technically MAKING tomatoes, but tomatoes can be touchy plants, and like to have a lot of calcium in order to grow big, healthy tomatoes, so a great way to give them calcium is using eggshells, which are made of, you guessed it, calcium.

If you have a deficiency of calcium in your soil, your tomatoes will get brown bottoms, known as “blossom end rot“. While still edible, you are losing about half your plant when that happens. So, you can fertilize regularly with a commercial fertilizer, or you can just bury eggshells in your roots.

IMG_5802Just crush the eggshells, and bury them an inch below the soil, and cover them up with dirt. If you don’t bury them, they can attract pests, so make sure they get all covered in dirt. It will take about a week for them to break down, so you can keep adding more as you go. You can’t really overdo it, as the tomatoes will only take the nutrients they need.

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