3 Cloths that Will Change How you Clean

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There are a ton of cleaning products out there, and most are advertised in a way to make you scared of your own house. Remember the commercial with the woman cleaning her house with raw chicken? It was designed to convince you that your house is covered in harmful bacteria, and everything you touch is dirty and dangerous, and only disposable, antibacterial cleaners would REALLY get your house clean.

However, after a decade of use, scientific studies have shown that antibacterial cleaners lead to anti-microbial-resistant bacteria, contribute to drug-resistance, and are correlated to an increase in environmental allergies in children. Seriously, unless you have a hugely compromised immune system, or are cleaning your house after a massive infection, you should not use antibacterial cleaners.

So, how do you clean your house? I use 3 different cloths, all of which clean best with water, they’re washable, reusable, and I’ve had my 3 for 10 years, without replacing them once. When they get dirty, they go in the laundry, and come out perfectly clean. Also, cleaning with water means you can get rid of your glass cleaners, surface sprays, foaming clansers, bleach, and all the other cleaning chemicals in your house, and not ever have to inhale chemicals when you’re cleaning. And these cloths are designed to be anti-microbial, and since you’re washing them anyway, they stay clean (although, again, you don’t want a sterlized house, you just want a clean one).

GC-AB-201451. E-cloth Glass Cleaner

This little cloth is for glass, mirrors, any shiny surface, and cleans with just water. It leaves no streaks, no fingerprints, no grease, and can be reused thousands of times. I literally stopped buying paper towel ever again after buying this, and have no window/glass cleaners in my house.

2. E-cloth Cleaning Pad71xLktkt8pL._SL1000_

This is the surface cleaner. It’s slightly thicker than a regular cloth, and has a slight texture to it that helps get off stuck on stains, food, etc. Also cleans with just water and NO cleaning chemicals. Use in kitchen, bathrooms, floors, wherever. It also lasts for years, and will replace your rags, sponges, scrubbers, and everything else. Can’t recommend it highly enough.

3. Microfibre Dusting Mitt41IQCwTwttL

Better than a swiffer duster, lasts longer, and is totally reusable. This mitt is great for dusting not only surfaces, but small items, in between books, and anywhere you can get your hand. Also makes it easy to dust behind items. I can dust my entire house before needing to wash this, and you don’t need sprays, chemicals, or anything to get rid of dust, pet hair, and all the other things that accumulate on your surfaces.

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