Tool Libraries – Why they are AMAZING!

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Because I live in the ultra-left coast, I’m surrounded by some ultra-left ideas, including coops. Cooperative housing, cooperative gas, groceries, book stores and more. After living in a housing coop for a while, I realized it wasn’t for me, but there are some amazing ideas for coops, including…. *drumroll* a TOOL coop, more often called tool libraries! One of the perks living in a big city, is these kind of awesome ways that people come together.

If you’ve ever rented tools from a big box store, it can be a huge pain in the butt, not to mention expensive, and you need to sign your life away, give over your credit card and first born child to take a simple belt sander home.

A tool coop is WICKED cheap, you buy a simple membership, and can rent tools for a few bucks a week.

“Wait, what?!”

Yeah, I was surprised too. I repainted my hallway and stairs, and rented an air compressor, paint gun, and 12′ ladder for $15 for the whole week. FIFTEEN DOLLARS, YO!

Tool coops get donated tools, and are non-profits, with little overhead, and most are registered charities, so not only can you rent, you can also donate. If you have old tools you don’t want, coops are a great way to donate them where they’ll still be used. Hand tools, power tools, whatever, they’ll likely take it.

Many also offer classes, workshops, and how-tos for all sorts of amazing projects to build.

If you’re interested, here are some of the tool libraries and coops I’ve been able to find:


United States

There are a ton of them out there, and this is a very small list. Check out the Local Tools website to find some near you.



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