Book Recommendation – The Gentle Art of Preserving

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While I like recommending techniques and recipes, there’s no way I can post as many as some of the great books out there. So I’d like to recommend some of the best books from my own bookshelf.

For November, my recommendation is:

The Gentle Art of Preserving, by Katie and Giancarlo Caldesi. ISBN: 9781909487086. 51Ie8TxaReL._SX406_BO1,204,203,200_

This amazing book has so much to recommend it, I can’t even name them all. Hundreds of recipes and techniques for preserving on everything from cold/hot smoking, sausage making, salting, fermenting, freezing, preserving in oil, and much more.

The authors have an approachable writing style, and their directions are clear and concise. I recently made my first foray into sausage making using this book, and not only do they make the process sound very simple, they’re clear to outline the standard precautions (make sure everything stays very cold!) and pitfalls (here is the difference between good mold and bad mold, and how you can promote the one, and get rid of the other).

The book has great recommendations for very simple recipes for beginners, as well as some very delicious recipes for the more ambitious amateurs. The science behind each preservation method is explained in detail – not only WHY this particular method works, but the history behind the method, and the science of the preservation method.


If nothing else, you should buy The Gentle Art of Preserving for the GORGEOUS photos of all the amazing food porn. Nearly every recipe is illustrated, and the pictures are mouth-watering.

And if that is not enough to entice you, I’m just going to name you some of their recipes that will have your mouth watering:

  • Raspberry Vanilla Jam
  • Beer and Chile Dry-Cure Bacon
  • Hot Smoked Tomato and Red Pepper Soup
  • Wild Garlic Wrapped Cheese
  • Caramelized Oranges in Brandy
  • Pickled Carrots with Cardamom
  • Frozen Coconut Sambal
  • No-churn Seville Orange Sorbet

You’re going to need to make more pantry space for all the delicious things you’re going to make. So yeah, go out and buy The Gentle Art of Preserving right now. Or, buy it for your favourite Urban Homesteader – it makes a great gift!

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