The Oscillating Hoe

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Oscillating-hoe-4-warmYeah, it’s not as exciting as it sounds.

It sounds like something you’d encounter at a seedy strip club. Instead, it’s an awesome and fun gardening tool that makes weeding really fast and easy. Rather than a normal hoe, that drags the dirt around, and Oscillating Hoe is a loop, with a slight pivot in the head.

The head is essentially a loop of thin metal, and the bottom part of the loop goes into the ground, below the roots. Just by moving the hoe back and forth, it easily pulls out weeds and plants, but it narrow enough to avoid the plants you want to keep. It’s great for large areas, tight spaces, and is super functional.

“But I’m totally clueless with tools, and mechanics”

I know, right? But this is totally idiot proof. No sharp ends, works in any direction, as long as you don’t put the handle into the dirt, you can make this thing work.

Just run the tool back and forth in the dirt, and it easily pulls out the weeds by the roots. If you need to get into tight spots, just turn it at an angle to get between plants and vegetables. Really, totally idiot proof.

Before - all weedy

Before – all weedy

10 seconds after - yes 10 seconds. SO EASY!

10 seconds after – yes 10 seconds. SO EASY!

Since the hoe doesn’t exactly PULL the weeds, per se, it just loosens them from the soil, you can either rake them out, or be super lazy and just leave them to decompose and become compost.

Hands down, my favourite gardening tool, everyone should own one! The oscillating hoe – not just a fancy sex act!

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